Last month saw the unveiling of Total Project Integration’s 2021 sponsorship for Weybridge Vandals Rugby Club. The club’s biannual magazine was published in March and can be viewed here: Weybridge Vandals RFC.

Total Projection Integration have been proud sponsors of the club for 20 years but the company’s connection to Vandals runs far deeper. Most notably Adam Bullett was 1st XV Captain at Vandals for 3 seasons and only moved on to play semi-professionally.  In fact, many of us at Total Project Integration have been part of the club’s family. David Hall was a long-time player since his 20’s, Adam Mullins played in his youth, Sergio Duque Del Rio and Luke Roberts have played for the senior sides and there is even a photograph of Laura playing as a ‘mini’.

Vandals first came into fruition in 1930’s as a new social side for students at the London School of Economics, however, following a relocation to Surrey and the welcoming of the local community it formed into the rugby club that stands today.  Located on Desborough island, surrounded by the Thames, on a site called ‘Brownacres’, it is now home to 3 senior rugby sides plus a Vets side. On top of the senior sides, Vandals includes ‘mini’s’ and junior sections across all age groups.

Weybridge Vandals is also home to thriving cricket and netball sections.

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Club Captain, Steve Reed, commented about our continued sponsorship:

“Weybridge Vandals are incredibly proud to have Total Project Integration on board as a club sponsor. They have been involved with the club for many years, helping young players fulfil their potential as players and people.

Through friendships made over many years at the Club, former Vandals first team Captain Adam Bullett now finds himself working at Total Project Integration.

The Vandals pride themselves on being a club where friendships are made on the pitch, in the Bar, and with the local community and Businesses. In Total Project Integration the Vandals have found a great partner.”

“In Total Project Integration the Vandals have found a great partner.”

It is true to say that Vandals runs in our blood at Total Project Integration, and so we are proud to support the club and those that play for them.